About us

We are here to serve cannabis by raising the standard of those who participate in this cultural and medicinal phenomenon. We help develop products for your brand and get them on the shelf in front of your audience.


We are a dedicated team of designers, product developers, and expert cannabis cultivators. With over 20 years experience creating products for the top retailers, we combine our expertise in retail, marketing, and cannabis to bring your brand the quality it deserves.


As some of us work directly with major brands, we could not offer our services through the usual avenues, this is why we created the "Flavr Room." This was our secret room for our personal projects as well as friends and family. 


In 2022 we decided to bring this service to the public, now everyone can have the attention the top brands get when producing products.

We have the experience of working with dozens of brands in the cannabis space. We know what WORKS and we know how to get it done right.

We are connected to an invaluable network of fully licensed and insured cultivators and distributors. This partnership opens up doors directly to premier retailers where you want your brand!

Our heads are in the game! Bring us your brand assets and your amazing ideas, we will work together with you to develop winning concepts and products.


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